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Welcome Message

Thank you for visiting our home page. I am delighted to welcome you to BERC, a leading Palestinian NGO which provides all the benefits of a personal, close-knit community, large enough to engage in cutting-edge research and offer our stakeholders and beneficiaries a comprehensive range of rigorous consultancy services including authentication of plants and fungi, natural product discovery, and plant quarantine services; and medicinal plant names services. My current role is to lead and drive forward BERC’s research and conservation via helping to deliver its science strategy. In so doing I will strengthen its position as a local resource for plant biodiversity and fungal knowledge, and promote plant and fungal-based solutions to current global challenges.

I invite you to browse our website to see our strengths and advantages. They are too numerous to catalogue here, but I would like to note that they include longstanding excellence in plant biodiversity and red-listing of endogenous Palestinian plants, molecular plant biology; ethnopharmacology; molecular plant genetics; Traditional Arabic Palestinian Herbal Medicine - TAPHM; and biofouling of RO and MBR membranes – control and mechanisms; environmental science/studies.

You may access our projects, institutes, events, Palestinian flora, endangered plants, medicinal and wild edible plants, and publications at With 2019 as the 18th anniversary of our founding, we are a relatively young center which is enthusiastically preparing the way for our next fifty years. We think differently and foster that in our beneficiaries. I encourage you to expect great things from us and the communities with which we intersect.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and comments. If you think they are appropriately addressed to me, you may e-mail me directly at

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleem Ali Shtayeh
President and Chief Scientist

The Office of the President (Head of Board of Directors) provides support to the Directors of BERC's Institutes and Departments. This support is provided by the following teams:

Administration Team
Provides administrative support to the President, the Institutes’ Heads and the departments leaders in the Office of the Administration – President Office.

Public Relations Department

Human Resources Department

Procurement and Purchase Department

Education and Communication Department
Coordinates BERC’s scientific education programs and internal and external science communication activities. This team works to promote our world-class research.

Research Services Department
supports all science funding applications through providing advice on available funds, budget planning and proposal writing, overseeing the internal approval and sign-off processes and providing post-award support, ensuring that project leaders receive timely financial statements and comply with funders’ requirements for record-keeping and reporting. The team also provides a reporting function to the Science Heads.

BERC Consultancy Services Department
Consultancy Services facilitates access to BERC’s national class plant-based consultancy, horticultural and scientific services. Our services include: authentication of plants and fungi; natural product discovery; plant quarantine services; science and horticultural consultancy; medicinal plant names services.

Tel: +970-9-2536406