Group Booking

Groups of 10 or more people are required to pre-book with at least 1 week’s notice. Please complete this booking form and return to us using the e-mail or postal address at the bottom of the page. Confirmation of booking will be sent to you and must be presented at the Gardens’ gate on the day of your visit. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any groups who have not pre-booked. Admission charges must be paid at the Gardens’ gate on the day of your visit.

All groups with children and young adults are required to provide supervision for the entire duration of the visit.
*For children up to age 7, this should be at a ratio of 1 adult to 5 children. For children aged 8-16 (inclusive), the ratio is 1 adult to 10 children.  Entry to the Garden will be refused without the correct ratios. Where a group is coming as part of an organization, supervision must be provided by representatives of the organization.

Please, if you would like to book a Guided Tour as part of your visit. Tours last for 90 minutes and provide an overview of the Garden and its history. These must be pre-booked with at least one month’s notice.  Please see our website for more information.   Current tour charges are:-

Day time tour             NIS 5 pp + normal garden admission 
Evening tour              NIS 10 pp + normal garden admission

*A non-refundable deposit of NIS 100 for groups of less than 30, or NIS 250 for groups of more than 30, is required 1 month in advance, to secure your tour booking.