Engagement of Local Communities in the Conservation of the Threatened Ecosystem and Plant Species in the Nablus Region, Focusing on the Iris of Nablus, Palestine Project no. CEPF 7-07 (2020-2022)

Project Date

The project focuses on the involvement of local communities in safeguarding the targeted ecosystem in the Nablus region, especially the critically threatened species due to its importance in providing ecosystem services (natural beauty, pleasure, and preserving human life). We chose the Nablus Iris or the White Iris (Iris lortetii Barbey ex Boiss.), which is an endemic species in order to protect and develop with the participation of the local community. 

Project area: Northeastern slopes: Siris-Al-Maksar Reserve, and the adjacent natural area of Qashda from the east, and the Nablus Mountains region.

Project Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the project are to:

  1. increase knowledge and skills to support assessment and planning for plant conservation, and promote the emergence of a new generation of young professionals in the field of plant conservation;
  2. propose and develop plans for managing natural reserves within the study area; 
  3. support the incorporation of plant conservation into the practical procedures currently in place by the protected area management;
  4. support innovative measures to conserve plant groups outside protected areas.
Project Partners and Collaborators
Project Funders
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund – CEPF
BirdLife International
CEPF dedicated Regional Implementation Team (RIT)